Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"Man arrested in sailboat burglary"

At 4:00 in the morning, a burglar entered a sailboat owned and occupied by a 93 year old man.  The burglar started going through the belongings of the sailboat owner and refused to leave the boat. The owner went to neighbors to get help.

 When they returned they found the robber asleep on the couch with a gift bag on his head (very tricky... he can't see you so you can't see him...soooo tricky).

They were initially unable to wake him but eventually they got him up and the police transported him to Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island. 

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"Handcuffed suspect gets away"

hmmm... what do we have here?

Upon further investigation... 

Please follow me closely on this:

3:40 am:
The policeman sees three people snorting cocaine, he approaches them, and then he handcuffs the guy who is holding the drugs.  The policeman gets an emergency call from another policeman and has to answer it. He directs the three perps not to move. The three amigos (obviously not law abiding) make a run for it.  The police are unable to find them...even though one of them is still handcuffed.

Later on:
One of the un-handcuffed persons calls 911 asking to speak to the arresting officer saying that she "heard" she was involved in something. She was never at the scene and was not involved in the incident that she was describing on the phone. The arresting officer says that he still has her driver's license that she handed to him during the arrest. (hmm... need to go to Plan B)  Fine...  She agrees to go to the station to clear her good name.  She tells officers at the station that she did stay at the scene of the crime... and she only left (the scene of the crime) because the officer was busy...  (so, that is not like really leaving the scene if you are running away from the arrest while the officer is responding another call... that is more like... showing respect for the officer's time).

The handcuffed man remains on the lam... he faces the same charges as the other two...along with "petty theft for leaving with the officer's $30 handcuffs." (Perhaps someone should go and check out Baker's Lane street sign...)