Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nabbed another BAD FISH PERP

Glad we got this BAD dude.

 He was charged with SEVEN misdemeanor counts:
- possession of 15 over-the-limit hogfish (that is really over-the-top)
- possession of 6 undersized hogfish (show some compassion)
- possession of 2 undersized red grouper (sick bastard)
- possession of 2 out-of-season red grouper (too busy to check the calendar?)
- possession of 2 over-the-limit red grouper (make it stop)
- possession of 1 wrung lobster tail on the water (can't wait to wring the tail OUT of the water? what an ass.)
- interference with FWC officer (rude)

The bail was $8000. 
 Shouldn't it be more?
 Heck the guy who shot another guy got out on $50,000 bail.

Man with Half a Beard Arrested in Florida

I don't think that this should be a crime-- sure it looks terrible--but is it arrest worthy? I think not.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to prevent crime in the Keys

I don't know if this is how crime prevention is done elsewhere...

... but in the Keys if someone's dog is consistently crapping on your yard AFTER you put up very cute and nice reminders for them to pick up after their dog--then it is OK to put this on your yard:

Can anyone possibly guess who might have constructed these crime prevention posters?