Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nabbed another BAD FISH PERP

Glad we got this BAD dude.

 He was charged with SEVEN misdemeanor counts:
- possession of 15 over-the-limit hogfish (that is really over-the-top)
- possession of 6 undersized hogfish (show some compassion)
- possession of 2 undersized red grouper (sick bastard)
- possession of 2 out-of-season red grouper (too busy to check the calendar?)
- possession of 2 over-the-limit red grouper (make it stop)
- possession of 1 wrung lobster tail on the water (can't wait to wring the tail OUT of the water? what an ass.)
- interference with FWC officer (rude)

The bail was $8000. 
 Shouldn't it be more?
 Heck the guy who shot another guy got out on $50,000 bail.

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