Thursday, December 3, 2015

This just in... Hialeah Man Caught with Undersized Snapper

This Islamorada man was caught in possession of:

 - undersized Yellowtail Snapper
- undersized Mangrove Snapper
- undersized Schoolmaster Snapper

This guy went to jail. Unfair.'s the deal... these are undersized teenager Snappers. 

 You know who is really at fault here? The Snapper's parents.  They were probably like, "we wash our fins of these hooligans, they never listen, always want the easy way out...eating the worm dangling in front of them instead of searching for their own food like we taught them..."

Give a fish a worm... he can eat for a day. 
Teach a fish to catch his own worm... he doesn't end up in the cooler on the boat.

10-fishbait-450x300.jpg (450×300)

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