Friday, July 14, 2017

We're getting a NEW CORONER!

The soon to be former Monroe County Medical Examiner got an "unfavorable rating" on a reappointment questionnaire. Here are some of the complaints:

- indigent people are being butchered making it difficult for embalming (sad and gross)

-  family members are excluded from identifying bodies (So, with no ID...who is getting buried? See post from March 31, 2015, maybe no-one cares.)

- co-mingling personal and private funds-- apparently, we, the taxpayers, have a stake in his personal residence (I can only hope that the hordes of pissed-off-dead-homeless are visiting him nightly.)

- yelling and screaming in fits of rage and anger (he's cranky from lack of sleep)

- public complaints that bodies were being transported in the open bed of a pickup truck (see post from June 4, 2015).

- The dead-body-pickup-truck was seen stopping at a restaurant DRIVE-THROUGH WINDOW. (I'll have a couple deep sea sliders and some coffin nails.)

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