Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Worse than a poke in the eye...

Last December, a man walked into the police station, and shared some information that his grandmother told him 16 years ago...

Sergio T. informed the police that in 1961, his grandmother and her boyfriend were digging in the front yard  at 833 Johnson Lane, to plant a fruit tree.  They came upon some resistance and found a block of cement. After removing the obstacle, they discovered the remains of a human, what appeared to be female, with scissors impaled in the chest area.  Along with the body, was a newspaper from 1934.

Quiz time...what would you do if you were the grandmother?
a. call the police and report the incident as soon as the human skeletal remains are seen
b. have a beer and think about it
c. cover up body with dirt and plant the fruit tree on top...setting up the property for a future of merciless hauntings...and a tree filled with iguanas, eating the fruit and pooping on everything.

Yes - the answer is c!

Sergio T. decided to go to the police because he "wanted to get it off of his chest".  Unfortunately, the mysterious dead woman was not as fortunate.

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  1. STOP IT. This strains credulity. First of all, that it happened in 1932 (and they buried the body in the yard?!) and that they planted the tree anyhow! They must have been really short on yard space. Hilarious(ly tragic).