Friday, March 13, 2015

Full service in Key West

If you don't know what Fantasy Fest is... I'll sum it up for you....lots of naked people drinking lots of hard alcohol at the end of October. The people are supposed to be in costumes, however, unless the costume itself is not wearing a costume... there are no costumes.

The island hosts over 100,000 guests for this event. It's so popular that many famous people would sell their souls to perform in Key West  in front of the thronging masses.  Mary Carey was no different. It was a perfect fit for the porn star. She just had to fly from LosAngeles to Miami and then Miami to Key West... without having sex with a man during her flights. To her credit, she made 50% of the goal. Unfortunately, the liquor did the talking during flight one and there were seat shenanigans that turned into a bathroom tryst once the plane landed. The police didn't like the fact that she (they) wouldn't get out of the plane potty and the airlines didn't like the fact that she was drunk as a skunk.

 Her fellow porn star companion, Ron Jeremy, who was traveling with Mary on the same flight, said that his feelings were hurt because Mary didn't include him also in the bathroom festivities. (It's a tiny airplane bathroom dude... not the Grotto.)

 The concluding result?  She was banned from her second flight. In a desperate move, the Fantasy Fest promoter ordered a driver to drive 3.5 hours to Miami  to pick her up and then drive 3.5 hours back to Key West in order for her  to make her show at the "Anything But Clothes" event at the local strip club.  Praise all that is holy... she made it in time for her "performance".

The article doesn't name the lucky person designated to be the celebrity's driver OR what happened in the CAR on the way down to Key West.  If history is any predictor..........................

Here are a couple more fun facts about Mary Carey:
  - she ran for governor  (as a publicity stunt ... but what if she had won? Probably would have naked bars everywhere.)
 - she appeared on a  VH1 reality TV show called, "Celebrity Rehab" in 2008 where she received treatment for alcoholism........................................... oopsie.

Thank goodness it all worked out for the Fantasy Fest promoter! He then could focus his efforts on his other responsibilities;  the Tighty Whitey Party, the Pajama and Lingerie Party, and the Pimp and Ho Party.

Still not kidding folks.  Please click to read article.


  1. Oh, SeaHag. Love the part about your sons telling you F-you is a cordial greeting these days. Keep 'em coming!

  2. I'm not sure what's happening with my comments- they seem to be disappearing or reappearing in weird spots. Is there really a tighty whitey party?!?

  3. I don't completely understand it all, but I get an email telling me that a comment is posted. It also shows up when I click on comments in the blog. And... yes. I believe that there really is a "Tighty Whitey" celebration.