Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just the facts...m'am... I mean sir... whatever

Based on the newspaper report of this crime... this is what we know:

 - officer finds two "residents" lying together under a stairwell at 4:40 am
- one resident tells the officer that "her partner agreed to pay her for sex" (is this a typo or are there 2 hers involved?)
- their first names are Camille  (sounds like a female name) and Yassel (hmmm - not sure)
- Yassel had turned 34 four days before (not sure why we care about this...but this is a birthday bummer)
-  both are charged with prostitution and go to jail... Camille is still in jail in lieu of $500 bond
- Officer said that Yassel said that Camille said that there was a $40 agreement made
- Yassel is a fisherMAN... (OK--phew - it was typo... I was really struggling with this.)
- Yassel said that the agreement made did not involve money compensation
- Camille said that Yassel is a liar
- Yassel said he thought that Camille lived under the stairwell (could be - it is Key West and maybe Camille idolized Harry Potter)
- the two had previously participated in prostitution (shocker!)
-Yassel was arrested with $944 in his pockets (now we know how he could post bond!... but what about poor Camille? how much money did she have in her pockets? not even $40?)
- Yassel had had a string of other charges since 2003:
      - stalking
      - trespassing
     - POSSESSING STONE CRAB OUT OF SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better not get my pet crab, "Crabby" ... in season or not...
See for yourself:

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  1. Harry Potter...bahahahaha! And $1K in pocket cash?? Seems like a dark stairwell would be the worst place to be! Good to know about the stone crab caveat. Didn't realize you could got to the pokey for that!