Friday, March 6, 2015

Cleanliness is next to Godliness... except on Route 1

Cleanliness is next to Godliness except on Route 1...

A couple of years ago, Meghan B., a  37 year old woman from Indiana embarked on a road trip down Route 1 to see her new boyfriend in Key West.  While taking in the sites, she realized that she had forgotten to shave her private part(s) in preparation for her hot date, thus decided to multi-task while driving. However, even without  (presumably) underwear, she had a problem steering while shearing.
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Fortunately, she had a helper in the passenger seat...Charles J, her ex-HUSBAND. I’m sure that he just wanted to get out of the Indiana snow and ice and snatched the opportunity for a ride. He graciously offered to steer the car for her while she continued pruning.

Maybe one of the reasons that they got divorced was their inability to work as a team since they smashed into the vehicle in front of them. 

Meghan B. got very upset at this time for a few reasons:
  • her shaving turned to slicing 
  • she was driving with a suspended license due to the previous day’s DUI conviction. (too much fun on the way down to Florida)
  • with 6 driver’s license suspensions under her belt...she knew that an accident would not help her cause

Charles J. was burnt by the passenger side airbag deployment, but even in his blistered state, he took the high road. While the policeman made his way to the car, Charles J.  jumped into the driver’s seat while Meghan B. climbed (probably gingerly) into the backseat.  

The officer noticed that:
  • the passenger airbag had deployed
  • the driver’s side was not equipped with an airbag
  • Charles J. was sitting in the driver’s seat with airbag burns on his chest
  • the passenger seat was now empty
  • Meghan B. was in the backseat... applying tourniquets (or something like that--the article doesn’t exactly say)

The policeman astutely assumed that Meghan B. was, in fact, the driver.  When he asked her why she didn’t stop to avoid the accident, she replied, “I was shaving.”  Duh.

The cherry on the pie?  No car insurance.

Please click on link below for full news article... not joking... it's a true story.

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