Sunday, May 3, 2015

Most definitely should be a Tripadvisor rating for this...

5- acre prison a Paradise for inmates

The article's title on it's own, brings incredible peace of mind. I, for one, am heartened by the fact that the inmates in the Florida Keys are enjoying their prison stay.  

Here are some of the best quotes:

 - "The entry gate, unguarded, sat open during a recent Wednesday morning. The Key deer grazed on the manicured front lawn. Meanwhile, a decorative manatee-zone buoy greeted visitors on the way into the homey looking administration building." Maybe Martha Stewart had hand  in the decorating.

- ' "It's a privilege to come down here, " said Lawrence W, 48, who is serving the last few weeks of a nine-year sentence for grand theft.'   Ahhhh...Such a welcome vacation! All of the other prisons were so dreary. 

- "...there's no double fence, and no guard tower manned with armed prison guards."   That would be soooo mean!

-  ' "This is a good place to spend your time. This is a blessed place. You're less stressed here. You're more relaxed." '   So happy that Robert G. is less stressed while serving 10 years for robbery! 

- an inmate added that he was "confident that he'll find employment in the Keys upon his release."   Yup, pretty sure that one (or more) of his fellow lodgers just finished roofing my house.    
OK - so this is not the prison now... but in the future?  We can only hope!
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  1. Wow. Maybe I should try this instead of AirBnB for my next trip?