Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Woman arrested for knife threats"

In Big Pine Key, a complaint was made that a 55 year old landlady threatened a man, his girlfriend, and their two small children.  According to the report, Mary W, living on Avenue B,  burst into the tenants' room while they were watching TV. Wielding a butcher knife,  Mary promised to decapitate the man and his baby.  Why?  Well, she thought they were stealing her.................


I would have thought she would have gone directly to the police to report the theft, but apparently she decided to cut to the chase, take matters in her own hands, and where the chips fall, there let them lie.

The good news is that when the police showed up at the house, Mary W reported to the officers that there were no more drugs in the house....she had just smoked the last of her marijuana.   She admitted to making the threats, but denied making them with a knife....however the girlfriend and the 7 year old confirmed Mary W's  promise of decapitation.

If only the 3 month old baby could have spoken up too...
Not Mary W...

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