Tuesday, June 9, 2015

If you answer your door at 12:30 am... this is what will happen...

I would heartily recommend that you don't answer your door at 12:30 am.  Period.

If you do... this is ALWAYS what happens...

 -  a 66 year old man will be standing there
- he will be wearing your red sweater that you left in your car
- he will start to hit you with a stick
- when you ask why he is hitting you, he will say, "because I love you"
- when you get pissed and rip the sweater off his scrawny ass,  he will be wearing only whitey tighteys

It's a guarantee folks. Note to self... keep the damn door shut (exception noted in the caption of photo).

db.jpg (625×939)
well .... unless it is David Beckham

no shit:

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