Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tilly the Tug teary after towing ends in trauma...

This is Teddy the Tugboat, a friend of Thomas the Train... not to be confused with Tilly the Tug

So what do you do when you are fed up with capitalism, down to your last $8,000, have never been in a boat before and have no job or prospects? You use all of your money to buy the dilapidated tugboat Tilly (without an engine of course) and organize a flotilla to Cuba! At least that was Stephen F.’s plan.

Things went awry when he tricked the local Key West yacht club into letting him stay docked there before he could set sail. Without an engine, his stay became an extended one, and being a generous sort of guy, he turned the Tilly into a homeless flophouse. The yacht club wasn’t crazy about that so they offered the Tilly a tow and being the mighty seaworthy vessel it was it promptly sank next to the cruise ship channel. The authorities say it will only cost $500,000 to raise it again.

Maybe it’s time for Stephen F. to ask for some donations? Go Fund Me anyone?

Please read below - you gotta see the pics...

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