Tuesday, June 9, 2015

just "plane" old rotten luck....

It was an unlucky day for the "aviator', John W. 
 He decided to show off  his "M-Squared Breese 2 ultralight built from a kit and fitted with seaplane pontoons" by providing a "fly by" at less than 25 feet above a group of boats and people. 

His homemade craft project accommodated 2 people, hence his solicitation of passengers for, "three 20 dollar bills"... (not sixty 1 dollar bills, or six 10 dollar bills... in case you were wondering). 

Here is the unlucky part... one of the witnesses of John W's low flying piloting was an inspector from the FAA.

  Ok - so NO... John W didn't have a pilot's license and NO he didn't have a license to carry passengers for hire... but it was a nice day for a plane ride none the less. If someone had been lucky enough to have three 20 dollar bills, they could have enjoyed a beautiful view of the Keys.   

What a kill joy. 
sea_plane_ww.jpg (520×220)
I'm sure that John W would have obliged...

Picture from www.waterworld.com

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