Monday, June 15, 2015

"Say 'I do' to pet-friendly wedding attire"

This is the newsworthy information that the local newspaper reprinted... again not a punishable crime.... but the public needs to be aware...

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"Say 'I do" to pet-friendly wedding attire

This article lists (in spectacular detail) how to pull off the perfect canine wedding party.

1.  "Put your pet to work - ...perhaps as a ring bearer or flower girl"  Sure... Why not have the dog carry around the heirloom diamond wedding band?   
2. "Choose a fur kid-friendly venue"  Hmm-- should we go to Hawaii or have the wedding in the backyard? Let's ask the dog!
3. "Don't make pets suffer for fashion"
So Awesome... and so wrong...

4. "Pamper your pet"    Because my dog suffers on non-wedding days.
5. "Keep everyone fed"  Because I don't feed the dog on non-wedding days.
6. "Make sure your fur kid is the party type" My dog does like parties... he ate the entire graduation party cake in 4 bites.
7. "Assign a chaperon"  Otherwise he'll eat the entire wedding cake in 4 bites.

Don't you want this fine specimen at your wedding?

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